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Meet Our Portfolio – Fresh Factory

FRESH FACTORY is a hyperlocal, cold chain fulfillment and enabler company that helps businesses reach their customers more quickly and efficiently, as well as expand their sales distribution through e-commerce. All of this is made possible by services such as these:

1. Location

Renter will choose FF Branch Warehouse according to their business expansion area.

2. Delivery

Goods delivered to Fresh Factory Warehouse by Shuttle Fresh Factory or Logistic partner of Fresh Factory.

3. Inventory

Products stored in Storage or Locker of Fresh Factory.

4. System

Detail information of products can be input through FF system.

5. Packing

Every detail of order and inventory will be stored.

6. Last Mile Delivery

Products will be delivered to customers by assigned courier.

7. Efficiency

Product Fulfillment is quick and efficient by Fresh Factory QR Code System that lets product be neatly packed, picked, and delivered.